HVCC History of Photo


Spring 2018--History of Photography (HVCC)


ASSIGNMENT ONE (past due...see me if you are behind)

ASSIGNMENT TWO (click) due noon Thursday, March 1, hard copy

The gallery worksheet I gave you is due back by April 14 (a week after the show comes down). Please remember to keep your answers simple, and handwritten. Don’t forget the selfie!!

MIDTERM TEST March 8, review sheet posted (click link)

March 15 is catch up day. People with missing papers or who did poorly on the test will need to come prepared to make up lost ground. It will entail a variety of individualized interactions and I will let you know who needs to be involved.

Also March 15, for extra credit:

Digital Media 101 panel discussion*:

The ins & outs of a commercial Photo Studio

March 15th 1pm-2:30pm :  101

BTC meeting rooms 2&3



This panel discussion will address the ins and outs of running a successful commercial photography studio. Guest speakers Mark McCarty, Ray Felix, Gary Gold and Elizabeth Mickalonis are experts in the field, with decade's worth of experience.  Over the years, each speaker developed a unique niche in the commercial photography industry, but remain unified by their core passion and commitment to photography.