The history of American mainstream (Hollywood) movies.


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ASSIGN ONE (sep 27) print this out on paper, please

ASSIGN TWO (due oct 18...same day as midterm exam)

REVIEW FOR MIDTERM...a set of terms and reminders

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QUICK NOTE: the format for referring to a movie the first time in a paper is the title in italics, then the date in parentheses, and then the director.

For example: Frankenstein (1931), Whale

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FILM LIST (to be adjusted as we go...it’s mostly up to date!)

History texts (provided here by me) week by week:

  1. 1)the silent era--beginnings

  2. 2)transition to sound

  3. 3)studio system and horror films and black cinema (3 links)

  4. 4)the censorship code and screwball comedy

  5. 5)the western

  6. 6)1939 and the peak of the Golden Age of Hollywood


everything below here is optional FYI stuff:

A nice rundown of the main professionals in moviemaking:


(One tweak--traditionally the art director and the production designer are interchangeable terms, or at least malleable.)

A great article about Scorsese and his latest film...it’s long, but has a really nice sweep to it:


just for fun:



See an American movie during this semester from our period (before 1980) in any real theater (required)...then submit an IMDB review on it like all the others. And tell me so that I can mark it down.


SUNY has free films at Page Hall (on the old campus near Washington Park), and there are some that fit into our class perfectly. They are all Friday night at 135 Western Ave. FREE!!!! They don’t seem to have any American classics this fall, but you can double check their site if you want. Some good foreign and British options, and Forrest Gump, too.



The newly renovated historic Madison Theater (next to the old Price Chopper at Main and Madison) is going to be showing some period films this spring--the first time since many of these same films were shown there during their original release! (See the 1930s photo.) Just $5.



The Palace Theater (in Albany):

tickets are usually $5