The history of American mainstream (Hollywood) movies.

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MIDTERM TEST is now Mar 14--delayed one week because the snowstorm and the extra day off Feb 28.

Because of the THIRD Wednesday we lost in this semester, we have to have the midterm on the 14th regardless, and it will be a little shorter than usual. But you’ll have to do your own review, using the review sheet HERE. (Click that link!!)

The reading due for Mar 21 is:

CHAPTER 6 cinematography part one (pgs 212-232)

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Blackboard now has a set of readings for the course. These will cover the history in brief ways, and there will be a summary for each film we see in class. These are all short readings and required, and they are exactly what is given in class, if you were there and alert you’re probably all set.

Syllabus Spring 2018 (click)

FILM LIST (to be adjusted as we go...it’s mostly up to date!) click

Netflix, Amazon, iTunes (movies), and Filmstruck are all helpful (as well as other sites). Use as needed. But the library always has a film for free each week.


everything below here is optional FYI stuff:

#metoo in the movies spelled out beautifully by Salma Hayek here:


A nice rundown of the main professionals in moviemaking:


(One tweak--traditionally the art director and the production designer are interchangeable terms, or at least malleable.)

A great article about Scorsese and his latest film...it’s long, but has a really nice sweep to it:


just for fun:



See an American movie during this semester from our period (before 1980) in any real theater (required)...then submit an IMDB review on it like all the others. And tell me so that I can give credit.