Art Criticism ARH467/567

Fall 2017

For Oct 19: read the two readings for week 6 (Close and Hart)...

Book to get: Post-Modernism by Eleanor Heartney. Should be less than $5 used from Amazon or Needed by Oct 19!!!

Readings are to be available on blackboard under “electronic reserves.”

The Hart article is longer than some but if you read it all through it’s mind-boggling. We will talk in particular about Frederic Hart this coming session.


Some misc readings for fun--sorry there are so many. Or not sorry! This is a writing and reading class. But all optional.

Gentrification and art clash in LA!

Interesting (mainstream) take on “new” art (using almost new media):

Note this is aimed at a general educated audience, and that it sneaks in the PR info in the first graf, then uses a few nice phrases. (Roberta Smith is not noted for inventive writing, but is dependable, at least.)

And a piece by Holland Carter about globalization in art:

and a little more on Raad (illustrated in the article):

and Mohamedi at her gallery:

and flying? why not?


New magazine on/for art criticism:


This struck me as well written and far reaching...and it has a vague parallel to the issues we touched on with the Southside film. Just FYI, not required of course.


for later: